Twitch Streamer Trainwreckstv $360 Million Earnings Spark Controversy and Ethical Debates

Andrew Parkhill
October 8, 2023
Trainwreckstv Averages $22 Million in Monthly Earnings on Twitch and Kick

In a surprising revelation, Trainwreckstv, a Twitch and Kick streamer, disclosed that he has raked in an astonishing $360 million from his online gaming streams, with a primary focus on gambling content. This announcement has sent shockwaves through the Twitch community, which is already grappling with the aftermath of negative experiences associated with gambling streams. This post delves into the details of Trainwreck’s earnings, the broader context of online gambling on Twitch, and the ethical debates surrounding it.


Trainwreckstv Staggering Earnings

Trainwreckstv, a prominent content creator on Twitch and Kick, dropped this bombshell during a live stream of Overwatch 2 with fellow streamer Pokelawls. He attributed this colossal sum to his partnership with the crypto gambling site Stake, where he has been live streaming gambling content. To put this in perspective, Trainwreck’s average monthly earnings stand at a mind-boggling $22 million.

Doubts and Skepticism

Unsurprisingly, Trainwreckstv announcement triggered bewilderment and skepticism among viewers. Some openly questioned the accuracy of his claims, while others pondered whether the $360 million figure included the total amounts wagered and lost or merely represented funds held within the gambling site as credit. These doubts highlight the need for transparency and accountability in the online gambling space.

Comparing Track Records: xQc vs Trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv assertion contrasts sharply with the gambling track record of another well-known former Twitch streamer, xQc, who has also engaged in gambling sessions and now streams on Kick. XQc’s net winnings, despite wagering over half a billion dollars, amounted to just under 11%. This stark difference raises questions about the profitability and sustainability of gambling streams and the ethical implications therein. It also prompts discussions on the responsibility of streamers toward their audience.

Ethical Concerns in the Twitch Community

The debates surrounding gambling streams on Twitch have escalated recently, drawing attention from several prominent streamers who expressed concerns. These concerns revolve around the potential harm inflicted on viewers, particularly minors who might be exposed to gambling content at an impressionable age.

Pokimane Comments on Rapper Drake's Gambling Sponsorships
Pokimane Comments on Drake

Pokimane, after a month-long hiatus from social media, joined the discourse by critiquing gambling streamers. She directed her comments at rapper Drake, who had engaged in substantial crypto bets on Stake. Her questions revolved around Drake’s awareness of the origins of the funds provided by Stake for his gambling activities, shedding light on the issue of gambling sponsorships.

“If you really think gambling is that bad, you should consider taking a week off.”

— Pokimane

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo also entered the conversation, responding to news that another respected Twitch streamer, Sliker, had allegedly scammed his audience to sustain his gambling habit. Mizkif expressed frustration with the platform and called for a prohibition on gambling-related content.

Twitch Ban on Unregulated Gambling Sites

Twitch recently made a significant move by banning unregulated gambling sites from its platform. This decision, however, has resulted in divided opinions among streamers. While some view it as a positive step toward responsible content creation, others, including Trainwreck, criticize the perceived hypocrisy of permitting poker and sports betting content while outlawing casino gaming.


Trainwreckstv staggering earnings from online gambling streams have not only shaken the Twitch community but also reignited discussions about the ethical obligations of streamers toward their audience. The controversies surrounding gambling streams underscore the need for transparency, responsible content creation, and ongoing dialogue about the impact of such streams on viewers, especially minors. As Twitch continues to navigate this complex landscape, the balance between entertainment, ethics, and profitability remains a challenging issue for the platform and its content creators.

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