xQc Receives $100,000,000 and Kick Offers Streamers $200,000,000

Andrew Parkhill
August 12, 2023
xQc Partnership with Kick's Founder and CEO, Eddie Craven

The streaming industry is abuzz with excitement as Kick, the Stake Casino-owned platform, recently made headlines with a staggering $100,000,000 contract signing of Twitch’s star streamer, xQc. This unprecedented deal has left many wondering about the platform’s future plans for smaller content creators. In a recent X (Twitter) thread, Kick’s founder and CEO, Eddie Craven, shed light on the matter and reassured the community that there are still golden opportunities for aspiring streamers.


xQc’s Flagship Deal with Kick

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The $100 million contract with xQc is a landmark achievement for Kick. As a dominant force in the streaming industry, xQc’s signing solidifies Kick’s position as a platform capable of attracting top-tier talent. However, it’s essential to recognize that this contract is unique due to xQc’s exceptional standing in the industry.

Opportunities for Smaller Streamers

To allay concerns about the platform’s budget allocation, Eddie Craven confirmed that there are plenty of deals for smaller content creators. He shared exciting prospects, including 100 contracts worth $1,000,000 and 1,000 contracts worth $100,000. This move showcases Kick’s commitment to supporting and uplifting emerging talent.

The Creator Incentive Program

Kick’s vision extends beyond exclusive contracts. Eddie Craven emphasized the existence of a creator incentive program, ensuring that all streamers, regardless of a contract, have an opportunity to earn fair compensation for their quality streams. This initiative demonstrates the platform’s dedication to fostering a thriving streaming community.

Streamer Voices

Eddie Craven, Stake and Kick CEO, Discusses Ways to Allocate a $100 Million Budget to Streamers on X (Twitter)
Eddie Craven from Kick and Stake in Discussion About How to Better Spend $100 Million on Streamers in X (Twitter)

The news of xQc’s jaw-dropping contract sparked conversations among prominent streamers like LeafyIsHere and Ricegum. While some questioned the concentration of resources on a single creator, Eddie Craven reaffirmed Kick’s approach to support smaller streamers through multiple contracts.

Value in Diversity

Eddie Craven elucidated Kick’s strategic thinking by advocating for numerous million-dollar contracts. He firmly believes that offering 100 contracts worth $1 million each holds greater value than a single $100 million deal. This approach showcases Kick’s commitment to nurturing a diverse pool of talented creators.

“When you witness a considerable sum of money, let’s say ‘x’ amount of dollars, being invested in a contract with someone as influential as xQc, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Rest assured, we’re equally committed to supporting a diverse range of content creators, spanning from small to medium to large size creators. Recognizing the value they bring, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In my view, having a hundred one-million-dollar contracts will consistently hold greater significance than relying solely on a single 100-million-dollar contract.”

— Ed Craven, Kick Founder

Here is the link for the: Interview with Kick CEO Ed Craven, AKA Eddie, and His Connections with Stake

Community Enthusiasm

The promise of $200,000,000 in contracts for smaller streamers has ignited enthusiasm within the streaming community. Users on social media expressed their eagerness to join the Kick platform and participate in its ambitious journey.


Kick’s bold move in signing xQc for a staggering $100 million has captivated the streaming world. However, the platform’s commitment to nurturing smaller creators through substantial contracts and the creator incentive program speaks volumes about its long-term vision. As Kick continues to carve its path in the industry, one thing is evident: the future looks promising for both established stars and emerging talent in the landscape of casino live streaming.

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